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Mobility Technology

Managing chauffeurs and fleet remains the foremost and core of the services. However, Mobility Technology becomes an excellent enabler when it is conceptualized by the Industry veterans and designed by the subject-matter experts.

Aaveg has a formidable combination where the IT experts work with business experts having over 3 decades of experience. It is well understood that different tools are needed for different purposes. As they say, “One size does not fit all.”

Thus, created are customized tech platforms for varied needs. Aaveg offers two proven technology solutions for two different requirements of corporates in providing ground transport solutions to their employees.

Commutr - Contemporary Full Stack

Tech Pack Designed by the Business Experts

Commutr For Employee Commute

Home to office and Office to home daily transport.


Commutr For Corporate Car Rental

Point to point, planned or unplanned transport intra-city as well as inter-city within the city of employment or any other city in India.


Benefits To Clients Teams

Beginning is always with looking at your worldview, understanding your organization and its needs. It all starts with Consultative Approach for solutions customized to specific needs of each client. This ensures that our clients get the best of both worlds with the following benefits:

Tailor-made solutions for Technology needs for Corporate Mobility Solutions.

Significant reduction in procedures, audit requirements and resources needed to manage operations

Real-time status and efficient risk avoidance.

Advanced, full stack software pack with apt Apps for each participant.

Conformance to benchmark service standards, regulations, compliance and regulatory norms.

Complete control and finger on the pulse at all times.

The Path To Elation

It is like dexterously putting together all the pieces of the jigsaw for building the comprehensive work of art for each client – bespoke and comprehensive suited to theie specific needs.

Building a robust blueprint with program design, re-engineering, service enhancement.

Induction of a robust framework – 100% compliant and fresh fleet for optimally enhanced quality of services.

Maximized Safety and Security of company employees.

Deployment of the most complex and core component of the project – qualified, trained, verified and professional chauffeurs.

Supplementing with complete, real-time control and enhanced performance through an enabling technology platform – custom-made by the industry experts.

Cost containment, customized remuneration and billing models.

Some Key Constituents Of Our Leading Mobility Technology Solutions:

It’s in the palm of their respective hands. And that goes for the service user in your organization, the team managing this service, the team controlling operations and the chauffeurs. All they need to do is a simple app download and get their credentials verified to start using their sub-unit of the App.

It surely brings in good value when the service users, chauffeurs and clients’ responsible teams access the system through UIs designed for their specific use, convenience and access needs. Commutr has distinct interfaces for:

  • Employees who are service users
  • Employees who are process owners – Operations or Transport teams
  • Control Room team and
  • Chauffeurs

Ease, flexibility and real-time solutions with protocols and controls customised as per the policies of each client organization. This is the key mantra for designing a platform where an organization can use its discretion of bulk uploading by the supervisors and managers, or employees can easily schedule their own trips with the click of a button. Link it to your rostering system should you want to bring in more convenience.

This is where Aaveg starts to beat anyone in improving OTA, OTD SLAs, performance and commitments in reducing carbon footprint. The system generated suggested trips based on all the input data. Aaveg team works with client teams to bring in flexibility based on employee requirements company policies and other requirements such as special services to differently abled or indisposed or pregnant employees. Then the system starts creating more efficient route options thanks to ML and AI algorithms.

Commutr does extremely well without need for papers. E-schedules and navigation support for chauffeurs; facility for calling with masked number for communication between the chauffeurs and the users; and workflow for no shows. These come in quite handy when your team needs to have smooth operations with full control.

For Aaveg it is not only about tracking movement of vehicles, but it is about putting all this information to a client’s beneficial use. Real-time vehicle tracking is merely ornamental if a large team is to be glued to the screens and pick needs in the haystacks. Commutr is intelligent to sense issues, raise flags and escalate. We are proudly happy that our Chauffeur appointment standards, operation processes and controls have not given us any reasons to use these features. However, the system is equipped with alarms and alerts for many untoward situations such as passenger safety, SOS, emergencies, lone women passengers, over-speeding, unscheduled vehicle stops, Geo-fence breach, radius-filter etc.

Money, though not the top motivator in life, becomes the key reason for anyone taking up a job. A key exchange parameter for business relationships. Thus, Aaveg ensure this canvas is consciously kept as clean as possible. Our automated billing is customized for clients to suit needs of their respective organization. And who can know better than Aaveg team about the needs from this module. So, you benefit with real-time expense reports, analytics-based combinations and variance reports, get handle on any overuse or possible misuse before the costs overrun. And not to miss automated billing as per your format and agreed billing terms. As they say, “A stich in time saves nine.”

You have the master key when it comes to kind of reporting option available. With multiple available options you get detailed analytics reports on OTA, OTD, SLAs, seat utilization, user satisfaction, escalations, no-shows, routes reporting and much more. Our data marts reporting system ensures you get what you desire, need and want. And that too in editable format to give you the advantage of useful decision-making analyses.

It comes in real handy when every bit of verified data and supporting documents about the vehicles and chauffeurs are loaded on a tamper-proof system. Even more so when system is designed to raise alerts considering even regional variations. Every vehicle and chauffeur deployed for any service need to have their verified details in Commutr. This intelligent system flags any missing documents or approaching validity expiry dates.

With Commutr you are assured of the safety of data about your organization, user employees, usage and any other information. Commutr is designed to be minimalistic when it comes to need for organizational input data. It does not need one extra piece of information than is necessary to provide good service. All data is stored in leading international servers such as AWC and Microsoft Azure, supported with adequate firewalls against unauthorized usage. We respect need for safety of data and thus do not delve in any products or services which could even remotely use any piece of data.

It is proven that efficient handling of fleet and chauffeurs brings in significant and measurable savings to clients. Commutr plays an invaluable role in enhancing and adding to containing costs with its prowess to enable efficient routing, scheduling and preventing misuse etc.

What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.