Hybrid Corporate Working System & Future of Mobility Service

Hybrid Corporate Working System & Future Of Mobility Service

Ever since the pandemic outbreak, remote working became the new fad. However, as we inched towards revival and started accepting the new norm of working; the hybrid model emerged as a viable solution.

Hybrid model: The new-age solution to the present turbulent times

Offering the right balance of human touch, the flexibility in working as well as the scope to adhere to the social distancing norms; the concept of hybrid working is being embraced by industries and corporates across sectors. Deloitte in its recent reports states that hybrid working will be the future of the workplace. Combining in-office and remote working, employees, as well as organizations, prefer and are planning for hybrid concepts.

As the workplace is being redesigned in response to the pandemic, another noteworthy trend is that the future of the mobility service is Electric Vehicles. Considering technology rules our lives, digital adoption in the transportation segment is also being witnessed. Consequently, preference and demand for the eco-friendly mode of commutation are on a rise. This has pushed the growth of the EV segment and electric vehicles have thus been gaining prominence. The innovative trend of EVs surged during the pandemic since they work with a clean energy initiative and offer low to zero- emission levels.

The future of mobility is Electric Vehicles

The EV adoption is still in its nascent stages in the country but it is expected to boom in the times ahead. The Indian Electric Vehicles market is growing at a significant pace. This trend was highlighted by The Grand View Research in its recent reports which states that the Indian EV market was valued at $220.1 million in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 94.4% by the end of 2030. The rise in fuel prices coupled with stringent emission norms executed by the Government and the growing environmental concern amongst consumers are the major factors contributing to the growth of the market. Hence, it would be appropriate to say that the future of the mobility segment is indeed electric!

The bottom line

The pandemic has disrupted the entire landscape of the mobility sector. It did inflict a significant impact on the segment. Adding to it, COVID-19 also brought about a shift in consumers & preferences towards Electric Vehicles, the surge in hyper-local mobility, and the focus on innovations. Considering the present turbulent times, the need of the hour for the industry players would be resilient business models and agile organizations!

Moving from office to hybrid (work from anywhere) has led to bringing about new policy decisions. It has also pushed the need for flexible and convenient commutation tech services that would help build the bridge between the employees to the hybrid workplaces of tomorrow.

At Aaveg, we care about our clients’ employees. Hence, with the changing times, we have modified our commuting solutions as well. We now offer flexible, future-ready and pandemic-proof transportation services so that your employees can seamlessly adopt the hybrid working model.

We are the go-to solution for corporate mobility. The very core of our organization is based on sustainability and we strongly support the EV revolution as well. This is the reason why we have introduced EVs in our cab fleets and focus on understanding mobility services first to provide intelligent solutions accordingly so as to ensure employee satisfaction as well as safety and productivity!

What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.