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Corporate Car Rental

Signs of things going well in an organization would include planned or spontaneous visits to business partners, attending meetings with clients or many of the other necessary errands. Providing Intelligent Employee Transport Solutions can be complete only with quality Corporate Car Rental solutions to an organization’s need for both scheduled and impromptu, non-routine transport requirements.

Point to point, planned or not, intra-city or inter-city, around your city of employment or any other city in India or simply airport transfers.

This is where Aaveg leads by a big margin. Pan-India services through a large fleet and wide range of vehicles. Professional chauffeurs, impeccable record of accomplishments and easy App-based access for users. Corporate Car Rental Solutions beyond compare.

End-To-End Corporate Car Rental Solutions

Pan-India 24X7, On-Call Services

Benefits To Clients

Aaveg starts with Consultative Approach to provide solutions customized to specific needs of each client. This helps us provide unmatched benefits to our clients while they get many or all the benefits detailed here:

Tailor-made solutions for Corporate Car Rental needs.

Pan-India service with 24X7 access and availability.

Conformance to benchmark service standards, regulations, compliance and regulatory norms.

Elimination in complexities of dealing with multiple parties.

Range of vehicles at disposal – Economy to Ultra luxury. Passenger cars to coaches.

Multiple channels for booking and corporate login id.

Real-time management and control through robust tech platform.

Significant reduction in procedures, audit requirement and resource allocation for managing operations.

The Path To Elation

It is about knowing the nuts and bolts of the trade, surpassing competition and staying ahead. Understanding needs of each client and going that extra mile to provide them the desired services.

Providing robust solutions with detailed sessions on need assessment, services design, operation model, service SLAs and remuneration details.

Induction of a robust framework – 100% compliant and fresh, well-maintained fleet for optimally enhanced quality of services.

Cost containment, customized remuneration and billing models.

Deployment of the most complex and core component of the project – qualified, trained, verified and professional chauffeurs.

Supplementing with complete, real-time control and enhanced performance through an enabling technology platform – custom-made by the industry experts.

Maximized Safety and Security of company employees.

Some Key Constituents Of Our Dependable Corporate Car Rental Solutions

Pan-India availability of large fleet of various categories of vehicles, unmatched army of professional chauffeurs, 24X7 on-demand availability, enabling technology platform, benchmark processes & procedures, customized remuneration & billing models, strict safety and security protocols, robust escalation resolution mechanism and everything in between.

Aaveg team ensures that our clients are relieved of efforts to search, evaluate and handle multiple providers and their varied processes. We minimize your administrative workload to let your organization do the job core to your business. Because we do what we are good at – taking care of all your needs for employee ground transportation, across the nation.

What we do is quite different from usual industry practices. Our team of experts is reputed for putting your needs first. We invest time and resources to understand your business and your exclusive needs. Though it may take a few extra days, we custom-build optimal solutions for your organization. Afterall, we are not talking about one instance, we are talking about fruitful, life-long relationships.

Aaveg knows that core for providing good services is getting grip on three strong pillars of this business.

Fleet– The wheels on the road get requisite attention from Aaveg. It is ensured that vehicles chosen for service fit the bill in terms of reliability, performance, features, age comfort, ergonomics and serviceability. We know one size does not fit all and that is why we have wide range of vehicles from economy to luxury and from cars to couches.

Manpower– Subject-matter expertise with human touch is a crucial area and Aaveg excels in it. On one hand management team and other staff members think, ponder, create, innovate and ensure flawless service delivery. On the other hand, professional chauffeurs ensure they remain the most sensitive touchpoint for users. Constantly trained, well-groomed and fit to do their job diligently, chauffeurs know how important their role is to deliver customer delight.

Technology – In the present context, ubiquitous contribution of effective technology what adds the final piece to the puzzle. Aaveg understood this quite early and dedicated resources to build specialised technology packs for varied needs. Today Aaveg boasts of customized technology for each need, an unbeatable edge and a power tool for the clients.

Aaveg does not compromise on the requisites of any program, nor does it cut corners anywhere. It becomes even more rigorous about the comprehensive safety net. This comprises the following three main components.

Safety of passengers – It is about the employees of your organization. Our impeccable record is impregnable because we put indomitable checkpoints at each step – chauffeur screening, vehicle compliance, in-app safety alarms, 24X7 back-end support, rider feedback mechanism and much more.

Security – With us you can be sure that we shall give an uptick to the standards of your existing program. We shall ensure to deploy fleet of the most suitable vehicles in terms of performance, safety standards and the least prone to breakdowns.

Compliance– Aaveg team ensures our operations are compliant with prevailing regulations and protocols applicable in India and each respective state. Be it vehicle related or EHS compliance, COVID-19 protocol, labor laws, organizational procedures, cultural needs, or anything stipulated by our clients.

All these elements of perfect bliss and still you are always in the know with real-time information. Be it reporting dashboards, real-time monitoring, ongoing program usage, vehicle tracking, performance parameters, intelligent analytics, smart reporting or the enabling technology platform, you always have the overriding control.

The subject-matter expertise that our industry veterans bring to the table, complemented with the modern-day technology and tools, you are ensured that you stretch your Rupee to the maximum without compromising on industry benchmarks. Connect with some of our clients and you shall know how they have been able to add directly to their bottom-line, employee satisfaction, employee productivity and not to forget that they still get to achieve better efficiencies each successive year.

What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.