7 Reasons to Choose Aaveg as your Corporate Commute Solution

7 Reasons to Choose Aaveg as your Corporate Commute Solution

The search for your bespoke, corporate commute solution ends here. Searching for a commute partner for your business can be a tedious job. In order to satiate your corporate traveling requirements its essential to select a Pioneer is the field, someone that can cater to all your corporate needs.

Aaveg is your one stop commute provider that provides professional services tailor made for your business needs. Aaveg is a pioneer in the category of Corporate Car Rentals, Employee Commute, Business Travel and Providing Bespoke Digital Solutions. With years of experience by serving Indian Business Powerhouses and a Number of Multinationals with its huge fleet of Vehicles, Aaveg has its operations spread across multiple cities. Aaveg provides world-class Employee Transport Management solutions and Technology solutions at reasonable costs.

Reasons to Choose Aaveg:

1. COMMITTED TO YOUR CAUSE – Aaveg has been a pioneer in the field of Corporate transport, Employee Commute, Business Travel and Digital Solutions providing services to Public Sector Enterprises, Global Corporates, and Startups. Aaveg ensures that each client gets a tailormade solution for their transport requirement. With our new Flexi-commute feature, we are ready to serve you with our hybrid and flexible models.

2. ESTABLISHING BENCHMARKS – We strive at excellence by setting industry wide benchmarks with our Premium Vehicles and Digital Solutions. We endeavor to gain the confidence of our stakeholders by providing the best quality services at industry best prices.

3. VEHICLES FOR YOUR NEED – Aaveg has a huge fleet of Vehicles that it provides to support your corporate needs. Aaveg has vehicles ranging from Hatchbacks to Sedans to Minibusses, SUVs and MUVs. Aaveg also has a wide variety of Luxury cars in its fleet in order to cater to your Top Executives’ Needs.

4. COVID SAFETY – Aaveg has special Covid guidelines that are in line with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for COVID. Aaveg ensures that all its Vehicles are sanitized after each trip, all our vehicles have hand sanitizers for the occupants and all our drivers wear face masks at all times.

5. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – Aaveg provides a digital solution for all your corporate needs, by incorporating technology in its processes. Aaveg has introduced a highly customizable app “commutr” to provide digital solutions for your Commute needs.

6. GREEN TRANSFORMATION – With the rising temperatures and Sea levels and a global push towards going green, Aaveg is determined to fight climate change. We have created a vision for a green future and have thereby decided to turn full electric by 2025. Our fleet currently comprises 10 percent Electric Vehicles, which we plan to increase to 100% by 2025.

7. SAFETY – All Our Vehicles are fitted with SOS alarm switches and GPS Tracking that help us track our Vehicles at all times. To ensure Women safety, Aaveg goes a step further and ensures that our Team reaches out to the Woman occupants in our cabs to ensure that they have safely reached their destination. Aaveg ensures that all its vehicles are driven under the regulated speed limit and the drivers do not drive in a rash manner thereby risking the lives of the occupants. Aaveg provides special training to its drivers to ensure Safety guidelines are followed by our drivers at all times. Aaveg Ensures that all the drivers are background verified.

What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.