How can companies change the commuting habits of their employees?

How can companies change the commuting habits of their employees?

Transforming the commuting habits of employees cannot be done in a day. It needs planning, effective execution, patience, and a lot of effort. Here, we will know and discuss the main factors that can lead to the much-needed shift in the commuting behaviour of employees.

Changing the employee commuting behaviour

It is inspiring and gratifying to know that the companies have been working to change the commuting habits of their employees for good. They aim to create a more sustainable choice that can lead to several positive benefits. They have been introducing inspirational learnings and deeper insights to prepare them for future mobility.

It cannot be undermined that the travel experience creates a huge impact on our emotional well-being, physical fitness, and environment. It also casts an impact on the employee engagement index. We all led different lives during Covid-19. Most of the people were working from home and many employees are still continuing to do so. This made the employees realize that they can save so much time by not commuting to work and using the same time for other activities. It lowered the stress of the people.

Though the pandemic lowered traffic congestion and did not resolve it completely. The employees who now don’t travel to the workplace, have started travelling for other reasons like visiting friends, shopping, travelling for leisure activities, etc. This has been happening as people are still not using alternatives. Changing employees’ commuting behaviour has become the need of the hour now!

Important Factors to consider

Due to the soaring traffic congestion and high CO2 emissions impacting the environment, it has become vital to think about an effective solution. Here is what needs to be considered to change employees’ commuting habits for a long time.

Sustainable solutions

The first thing is to introduce sustainable and reliable commute options to the employees such as Aaveg. With Aaveg’s corporate commute, the employees can experience safety, hygiene, and comfort while being on the road for a long time. This will create a positive shift in their employees’ commuting behaviour. Many companies have already worked on it and have been contributing to employee commuting costs. Some think of unique and extra initiatives to offer better mobility solutions.

Alternative mobility

Another important thing is to ask the employees to switch to an alternative transportation mode. Offering a vehicle, a public transport subscription, etc. may not be enough. Provide easy and flexible mobility applications to the employees.


One of the most efficient ways to motivate employees to change their commute behaviour is by rewarding them. You can offer them cash rewards as well as non-monetary rewards and incentives. Since the company will reap financial benefits by saving fuel and parking costs, it can extend rewards to the employees using alternate and sustainable transportation means.

Talk about the benefits

Create awareness about the positive outcome of these implementations with your employees. Talk to them about the health impact on the environment, improved employee health, negative effects of global warming, carbon footprint, etc. Internal campaigns can raise awareness amongst employees.

It may take some time to see a shift in the commuting behaviour of the employees, but perseverance and dedication is the key. Keep focussing on these factors and wait for the transformation! Aaveg is committed to supporting the organization to create betterment of the employees.

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