Solutions of Tomorrow

Knowing Aaveg

Aaveg is a consortium of business lines each challenging the prevailing industry norms and practices; inventing new wheels; remodelling the business; and bringing about permanent positive changes. Aaveg draws its lineage from some of India’s pioneering and path-breaking business models birthed around “people mobility”.

WTi Cabs – ‘The Founding Team With One Car’ was the beginning of the journey in 2009.

WTi Cabs was founded with the primary objective of democratising and transforming intercity and intra-city car rental services. Today WTi Cabs is the preferred service provider for many large organisations and is among top 5 service providers in the country. Having served millions of users, It has a significant presence in the B2B segment, more so in the Fortune 500 band.

Customer-centricity, Service Quality, Revered Relationships, Innovation and technology have been shaping our journey well and thus has Aaveg moved on to pioneering ‘End-to-End Intelligent Mobility’, becoming the leading Indian provider of fully managed pan-India corporate ground transportation and Daily Employee Commute.

Aaveg has been continually diversifying into other areas to write new rulebooks of those businesses and bringing about paradigm shift to create services of tomorrow. Many real-life heroes of industries, experienced professionals and business-matter experts are supporting the founding team in unabating enhancement of their cherished dream.

Guiding Principles

Aaveg is driven by three Guiding Principles. These principles ensure that everything happening or being planned at Aaveg is through clients’ worldview, offering long-term solutions which are far-reaching yet minimally taxing to the present and the future.


Sustainability for Aaveg means the best of both worlds. Nurturing and growing long-term positives to ensure sustainable growth. Aaveg ensures continuous search for ways to optimize usage of resources. 

This is supplemented by sincere efforts in enhancing natural resources by constructively contributing to maintain ecological balance.

Values and actions from this principle are threaded through the Aaveg community, embedded in tangibles and intangibles that we encounter on any given workday. Whole organization works around Sustainability, be it the people or resources deployed to support regular operations of the organization.


Say ‘Robust’ and it covers every aspect of Aaveg’s ecosystem. So important for all our businesses to provide solutions built with sound fundamentals and the ones which would stand the test of time.

Every member of Aaveg Family understands the importance of work they perform and the value their work brings to every user who benefits from our services. 

This happens because we insist on being a talent powerhouse for nurturing talent, raising business leaders of tomorrow. 

At the core is our ideal of being and ‘Equal Opportunity Employers’ and incorporating sound principles of DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Prudent, careful, economical and efficacious. ‘Stretching the Rupee’ to get the best of all resources. This is what ‘Frugal’ means to Aaveg.

Mantra is to ‘Do better with less’. This applies in toto to expenses which can be measured as costs containment for getting better value and to get the maximum of all resources thus deployed. 

This, however, does not mean compromising or cutting corners anywhere.

For Aaveg it is an all-encompassing thread. Balanced, reasoned frugality. Frugality is a way of doing business, reducing wastage, reusing reusable resources and continuously finding methods to do more with less.

Core Values

Aaveg has always believed in creating, nurturing and cherishing relationships. Relationships with its clients, users, business partners and employees. Secret to our success has been the set of sacrosanct values which guide us to function us as a cohesive team with common purpose and goals. These values described below, guide and shall keep guiding the whole organization to keep working towards the bigger purpose.


Business Leadership

Aaveg is geared to become the business leader in whatever we do. We sustain our leadership through innovation, continuous improvement and unmatched quality of our products and services. With a spirit of ethical winning, we march towards making it a trusted global brand.


Customer Centricity

Our enterprise revolves around understanding needs of our clients and providing unmatched services to them. Each of us is personally accountable for delivering on what is expected of us. We develop such sincere relationship that their world is somewhat less wonderful without us.


Value Creation

We bring value to everything that surrounds us. Value in products and services to clients and end-users; value to relationships with clients as well as our employees and value to the society at large.

And Integrity

Transparency And Integrity

We ensure that each of our transactions upholds and exhibits the highest standards of integrity and transparency both with clients as well as within the organization.

Of Winning

Spirit Of Winning

Motivated by our drive to excel, we strive to be a trusted brand by being a step ahead and going beyond benchmark standards in everything we do. Our indomitable desire for success dominates fear of failure.

Spirit and

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Teamwork

Aaveg nurtures entrepreneurial spirit and culture of collaborative growth. For us success is an outcome of arduous work, not serendipity. We understand that growth of our organization paves way for personal growth when people follow organizational goals; align their respective dreams with the vision of the organization and the team.



Our organization is nimble and values positive productivity over hierarchy. We contribute to speedy processes and decisions. We do this by acting like a group of entrepreneurs keeping organization horizontal to take the brand vertical.



We are constantly striving to be the business leader by setting benchmarks in everything that we do. We do this through providing a matchless combination of outstanding customer-services and quality solutions.

What We Do

Aaveg thrives on providing to its clients – contemporary business services, ease of operations, employee satisfaction, safety & productivity, peace of mind and enhanced profitability. Industry veterans and skilled analysts at Aaveg have profound understanding of prerequisites of Mobility Services to provide Intelligent Solutions creating benchmarks across industries.